"I have had nothing but brilliantly positive experiences with Dr Mukesh and his Assistant. Dr. Mukesh provides a safe and an understanding practice which u can rely on. He has always answered every question of mine in detail, clarified my doubt and given me full assurance before attempting any of his skin treatments on me. His treatments are really affordable, very very effective and long lasting. He is really the best at what he does and is completly trustworthy."

- Sharon Stanes.

"I met Dr. Mukesh post my extensive online research on HT and post my meetings with other HT surgeons in Mumbai & Dubai (I reside in Dubai), my main criteria was to undergo the FUE HT procedure due to it being minimally invasive n leaves negligible scarrs, i was a (type III vertex) on the Norwood scale, I learned Dr. Mukesh specialised in FUE technique and had a considerable formal experience in having carried out hundreds of successful FUE procedures, I accordingly scheduled a consultation, the discussion gave me sufficient trust n confidence to get under his experienced hands, i went thru 2 FUE sessions in a gap of 1 year, which undoubtedly resulted in restoring a natural looking hairline and filled up my thinning crown area noticeably, I'm stating this purely based on my before n after pics and instant positive reaction even today from everyone whose known me previously, and above all I myself can see the great difference.

I'd certainly n strongly recommend Dr. Mukesh to anyone considering a HT procedure, entirely based on his experience, skill set and an experienced team in having performed numerous FUE procedures, also in addition his fees are quiet competitive.

Like every adult male whose every battled hairloss and tried all possible topical applications ever available in the market, I could only find a solution after undergoing a HT procedure, and from experience I can testify that in current times HT seems to be the only cure for baldness so far."

-Ashish Kapoor.

"If you are looking for genuine & transparent disclosure of the possible results before going for any hair restoration treatment and worry free sessions that provide you utmost comfort coupled with simple - friendly - generous nature from your Doctor, then Dr. Mukesh is the name fitting the bill 100%. I believe in hair restoration treatment the patient like me needs two things- Transparency (which clears lots of doubts and provide confidence to go ahead) and Expertise of the doctor in carrying out the procedure. Dr. Mukesh is a super specialist on top of being an MD; so It was more than enough for me to ask for when I met him in later part of 2014 and... finally the result started speaking for itself as early as from 3 - 4 months.

Thanks to Dr. Mukesh' SKILLFUL hands that ensured a SKULLFUL of hair to me :-)
Thank you Dr. Mukesh, You gave me an awesome experience of life!!!"

- Apratim

"Dr.Mukesh is a doctor with healing hands and great compassion. He patiently answers all your querries until satisfaction and has deep understanding of individual patients needs. The ambience of the clinic is very good and soothing and so was the treatment rendered. So far this has been my best experience visiting a doctor as Dr. Mukesh, so calm and knowledgeable with great level of expertise in curing. Would highly recommend Royal Aeshetic Clinic for all your skin and hair related problems."

- Sunita

"Just one word - 'Incredible'! Sir is super cool, makes you feel comfortable and homely with warm smile and patient hearing. Adding a feather to the cap is the apt treatment that he provides which not only restores your healthy skin back but also re-instils the lost confidence in you. Kudos Dr. Mukesh and thank you!"

- Karan

"Wonderful experience! Dr.Mukesh is simply too good..I'm very happy with my choice. My skin problems are now well taken care of. Thanks Doc..!"

- Ramesh

"It was nice meeting him as he has explained why the acne comes and with which products acne would settle; with the same he has clearly said it will take time not like other doctors. A very good experience with Dr.Mukesh Batra."

- Trupti

"It was a good experience with Dr.Mukesh Batra. The services were very good. He explained the whole procedure systematically which was understandable to me. Thanks."

- Bhumit

"Dr. Mukesh is an excellent doctor with impeccable knowledge of Dermatology. He is highly learned person with down to earth and humble attitude."

-Ahmed Khan

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