Hair Care

Hair Care

Our appearance can greatly impact on how we feel about ourselves and how others react to us. Commonly, most of the changes we attribute to ageing are in fact caused by sun damage. Sun damage causes harm to the vital collagen fibers of the skin, resulting in a loss in skin support and changes in the skins texture and tone. Sun exposure can also contribute to open / broken blood vessels to the face resulting in an increased red complexion or fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores. We provide the most up-to-date, gentle and effective methods of skin rejuvenation that will make your skin look amazing and feel as young and radiant as you do.


Mesotherapy is the procedure of administering growth factors, vitamins & proteins in the scalp of patients suffering from hair fall. These substances are injected into mesoderm, a layer under skin, which is a link between tissues of skin and layer of fat. It helps in enhancing blood distribution, triggering cell metabolism and speeding up the revival of hair follicles.


Recent technology for the treatment of Alopecia (Baldness) ie. Male pattern hair loss, female pattern hair loss & hair loss associated with various disorders. It is a revolutionary treatment for hair fall. The stem cells promote new hair growth within 3 to 4 weeks of treatment. The hair density increases by 30 to 40% by three sessions of treatment. On an average six sessions are required once in a week to 10 days along with which supplements are given. Stem cells activate the dead hair follicles and convert them into growing healthy new hair follicles.

The stem cells are then applied to the treatment area via injections using a microscopic needle. This is an outpatient treatment and most patients report only mild discomfort during the procedure.

So how does the use of stem cells cause hair to grow on our heads? All of us have stem cells in our hair's follicle, but when these follicles get old or damaged they can no longer jump-start the hair regeneration process. This can be due to genetic factors, stress, or even trauma to the hair follicle.

By injecting stem cells into the pores of the scalp, scientists have found that they can get the skin's fat layer to send molecular signals to the cells in the follicle, which then results in new hair growth. Completely safe and effective Results do vary with stem cell treatments for hair loss, but clinical studies have shown that the results are permanent once the hair has grown back.


Royal Hair Implant

Platelet rich plasma is concentrated blood plasma which contains approximately five times the number of platelets found in normal circulating blood. In addition, blood plasma contains the growth factors PDGF and VEGF and other bioactive proteins that aid in wound healing.Hair follicles survive through the absorption of oxygen from surrounding tissue. It is conjectured that the introduction of platelets and white blood cells through platelet rich plasma (PRP) would amplify the body's naturally occurring wound healing mechanism. PRP also stimulate the stem cells (dermal papilla) of the newly transplanted hair follicles. PRP stimulates the growth of follicles, thereby reversing hair miniaturization seen in androgenetic alopecia and even preventing hair loss.



Royal Hair Implant

The technique used is highly advanced & ultra refined version of FUE (follicular unit extraction). follicular units are identified and removed one by one, using micro-punches of 0.6 and 0.8 mm diameter. Because of the smaller punch size there is no apparent change in the appearance of donor site few weeks after the procedure. It is very useful for people who want to keep the hair at the back very short (Buzz cut), as there is no visible linear scar. Another unique aspect of the procedure is as good 3000 grafts (6000-7000 hair follicles in one procedure). In addition to that we place a density of up to 75 hair per cm2 as opposed to 30/45 hair per cm2 in traditional methods.

# Observation Fut/Strip RHI (Advance FUE) At Royal Aesthetic Clinic
1 Improvement in Existing hairs No Yes
2 Direct growth of transplanted hairs 1-10% 25-40%
3 Higher Density Not possible because grafts are thicker >1mm Possible as graft are < 0.8mm in thickness
4 Results seen after 12-15 Months 8-10 Months
5 Pain after procedure Yes (Minor to Medium) Almost none, mild heaviness may be there
6 Percent of time doctor operates on client 10-30% 70%
7 Scarring in donor area Linear Scar will be visible No Linear scar
8 Stitches required Yes No
9 Healing time: donor area 1-2 months 7-10 Days
10 Nerve damage, numbness, permanent pain in donor area Possibility No
11 Time before client may return to work 1-4 weeks Possibly the day after


As one of the few hair restoration clinics worldwide, Royal Aesthetic clinic offers a Follicular Unit Extraction without shaving head technique.This method of hair transplant is without any type of shaving in recipient or donor area. Prior to extraction, each graft is trimmed by special scissors. The true benefit of this hair restoration method lies in the fact that there are no visible signs of hair restoration after the procedure, and you can return to normal routine with very little down time.The method is suitable for small sessions of hair restoration surgery up to 700 Grafts.

This technique is popular amongst Celebrities, Public personality or Individuals who can’t shave their head due to professional, social or religious obligations.


Rough estimate in terms of Follicular Unit (FU)


Royal Hair Implant

Royal Scalp Micro pigmentation(SMP) is a cosmetic medical grade tattoo that reduces the contrast between the color of the scalp and the color of the hair so that the scalp cannot be easily seen through the hair. It is the ultimate in non-surgical male and female scalp grooming. Treatment involves application of biocompatible pigments at the epidermal level of the scalp to replicate the natural appearance of real hair follicles.

The Procedure used is regarded as the best treatment of its kind available in the world today, using only biocompatible pigments and application methods to replicate the natural eddies and idiosyncrasies of your hair pattern. Pigment spacing is determined by replicating the remaining natural hair follicles.

Royal SMP is suitable for all types and stages of hair-loss, on all ages, colours and skin types. The follicle/strand build up of Micropigmentation normally takes place over 2-3 sessions, each taking approx 3-4 hours with at least 3 week between sessions.

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